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    empowering your business with
    digital technology

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Why To Partner With Let’s Eat?

  • We believe in the digital guest experience.
  • To give you the best of the best, we have come up with an Interactive multimedia-based technology that helps guests choose the service they are looking for with just one touch.
  • In this digital era, technology has paved a long way in the past few years in various fields, including marketing, to help hotels develop excellent marketing strategies that will help you grow your business.
  • With the help of ‘Let’s Eat,’ you can keep track of the orders, the timing and remind the staff never to miss a single order, feedback, or an issue from your guest.
  • We have traced through many scenarios to develop a solution to the many issues of every room service app. Give the best service to your guest, including alert the room service staff through the app when you are out of the room to give your guest the most delightful experience.
  • To help you grow your business, Let’s Eat has a strategic process by helping you collaborate with Influencer and bloggers.

Sometimes, room service is a hassle to most guests, from making a call to explaining what the patron likes to order to the hotel staff. To help you tackle this difficulty, we have developed a QR-based tech to help you to order what you love in one click away. A visitor looks for a peaceful vacation with family without interference from the outer world. We bring to you this exclusive technology that reaches all ends of the Hotel industry. This QR-based app allows the guest to view the menu, order, and complete the transaction through the mobile phone. With the simple tech, the guest can quickly go through the menu, order, and complete the digital transaction with a tap of your finger. We have also included a feedback feature so the guest can share their experience. With this QR code tech, the guests can order from the room or order their food after an exhausting tour around the city.

What do our partners get?

  • A user-friendly app for the staff or an admin to navigate through easily.
  • A menu with specifications to upload a video and photos for listed menu items.
  • To give you the best social media exposure.
  • A reminder system to inform the staff if the order is not delivered within the set time or if the staff does not resolve the issue.
  • According to the availability of the service, you can alter the menu or other services through the app.
  • Can review the order history.
  • Get your monthly and annual sale reports.
  • What do our guest can look forward to?

  • All the guests need to scan the QR- code to enter the browser and have the same look and feel of an app.
  • Guests can make their orders course-wise from the menu (sequence-wise).
  • They review if the outlet has received the order.
  • The guest can track their order.
  • The guest can review delivery details.
  • Real-time feedback.
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